30 gr.

One of the most popular and widespread herbs in Bulgaria! The reason is maybe because there are over 350 different representatives of the genus of this healthy plant. In Bulgaria, thyme is used as a culinary herb, especially for preparation of soups, meat and stew. Its specific odour combines perfectly with various products of animal or plant origin, especially after their thermal processing.
Thyme tea has amongst everything a lot of really beneficial properties. It helps in colds and bronchitis ailments by its favourable effect on lungs. In addition, we will point out its strong antimicrobial properties to fight fungi, parasites and infections.

Specialists recommend its administration in anemia or painful menstruation. The effect of the intake is felt almost immediately.
Rhodopes are a real paradise for thyme and here, it grows everywhere. Folk medicine associates the herb with general body strengthening and toning and uses it as a sedative in nervous tension. offers a package of 30 g of dried weight.