50 gr.

This tree is known to everyone, both in the city and in nature. The odour of its flowers cannot be mistaken, as well as the health benefits it has on the whole body. People experiencing breathing difficulties can feel significant relief taking linden tea. The same applies to patients suffering from urinary tract diseases. The diuretic effect of the tea contributes to the removal of unwanted substances from the body. Its effect can be compared to that of broad-spectrum antibiotics – it has a positive effect in dizziness and headache. If you have skin rashes or epidermal burns, pouring the wound with linden water will considerably activate the anti-inflammatory processes. Alleviation is great in small pox and hemorrhoids as well.

Linden has a favourable effect on the whole skin reducing the effect of aging. In folk medicine, decoction of linden is prescribed for hair loss and strengthening the scalp. Lastly, we have all experienced the blessed effect of a hot linden tea with honey before bed. offers a package of 50 g of dried weight.