30 gr.

There is hardly another plant with so specific an odour! Mentha is used in medicine and cosmetics, in culinary and as an insect repellent. It grows everywhere and can immediately be distinguished by its smell of freshness. You can find it in valleys but lately it has been successfully cultivated by men.

Mentha is a universal remedy; the legend says it cures “99 illnesses”. Superstitions aside, it really helps against nausea or stomach pains. It can regain lost appetite and alleviate spams in the airways. Mentha tea has a recognized toning effect, it has been administered even by the Ancient Romans. You can drink it cold or hot, and in both cases you will experience toning and restoration of vitality. If you suffer from migraines or a cold, if you have a cough or you are under a lot of stress, you can do inhalations with mentha tea or mentha oil. offers a package of 30 g of dried weight.