40 gr.

Chamomile is a true embodiment of Bulgarian healing herbs. We are used to see it as a logo of nature friendly products and of biocosmetics, we can come across it on packages of herbal teas.

In nature, chamomile grows in the Sub-Balkan valleys and it is easily noticeable near forest roads. The answer to the question what chamomile tea cures is very easy – everything. Asthma, colic and high temperature, skin diseases and inflammations – the list can continue because this small and unpresentable herb has a really broad healing effect. Some prescribe it even for cancer diseases.
The calming effect chamomile has, makes it an ingredient of many homeopathic products. If you gargle with chamomile or if you rinse your mouth with it, you will protect to a great extent your gums and mouth, throat and respiratory tract.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are familiar with the pain due to stomach and duodenal ulcer. Chamomile tea is a means that can really bring relief. Therefore, choose it. offers a package of 40 g of dried berry weight.