Lemon balm


30 gr.

This healing herb likes forests and you should not be surprised if you see it in the undergrowth. Due to the similar odour, many people mistake it with mentha, and the similarities do not end here – lemon balm also has a healing effect on the body. It strengthens the immune defense system, and at the same time has an antioxidant effect. If you want to clean your body of accumulated toxins, lemon balm tea is an excellent solution.

Like menthe, it also stimulates appetite, especially in people recovering from a disease. If you are suffering from an acute cough or viral infections, lemon balm will bring you the relief you are looking for.

Besides the calming effect of lemon balm tea, this wonderful herb is also preferred for its property to increase the concentration. In the busy life, this proves to be a true gift! And when we add the healing effect on inflamed gums or on bad breath, we will be sure that lemon balm should definitely be a part of our diet.

Bile.bg offers a package of 30 g of dried weight.