About us

If you are familiar with the magic of the herbal tea from the Rhodope Mountains, if healthy living is not a goal for you but an everyday way of living, then be welcome. Here you will find selected the most healing and beneficial herbs that grow in the Rhodopes. They have been gathered in ecologically clean mountain areas and there are no impurities or foreign matter in them. The drying process is strictly controlled. The transparent packaging allows you to see the content before you buy it. The healing properties of the Rhodopes herbs are known to everyone. The packages are from 20 to 100 grams – a quantity sufficient for one cycle of administration.

The herbal teas from the Rhodope Mountains have an extremely favorable effect on the body, they tone and cleanse different organs. We recommend them to everyone, regardless of their age or health condition. We will help you experience the healing effect of mountain tea, linden, cranberry, bearberry, rose hip…

Look at our offers on the website and choose your tea. The products of bile.bg are available on the market. For more information see the page “Where to Buy”.